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The main activity of OmniPay processing company is providing of Internet acquiring services. Having a lot of successful experience in e-commerce sphere we provide worldwide Internet businesses with high-quality acquiring solutions. Experience of working with diverse industries allows us to elaborate optimal payment solutions which have already proved their success in practice.

If you have a website and want to accept online payments through it, then our Internet acquiring solution is designed specially for you. We supply all necessary in order to let your business develop using fair rates and conquer leading positions in its area. We have highlighted 5 main features that help our merchants to succeed.

Advantages of OmniPay Internet acquiring
The principle of OmniPay Internet acquiring work

Customer makes a purchase at Merchant’s website. Coded information is momentarily transmitted on OmniPay servers.

When our anti-fraud system approves transaction, the data is transferred to Acquiring bank and Merchant receives a notification of payment status. In case there is some kind of fraudulent activity the payment will be declined and the data will be added to our static blacklist after checking.

Acquiring bank receives payment information and initiates an inquiry to Issuing bank via International payment systems VISA and Mastercard.

Issuing bank either approves or declines the payment and informs both International payment system and Acquiring bank.

OmniPay instantly receives Issuing bank response along with unique code for acceptation or declination of transaction.

OmniPay notifies Merchant about payment status.

Customer receives confirmation of successful payment.

Industries for OmniPay Internet acquiring

The complete list of industries, which are acceptable for our payment solutions, would occupy the whole page, which is why we picked out the main types of industries because many their representatives have chosen our Internet acquiring services. If you don’t see your type of business here please contact us and see what we can offer you. Also in order to save time and efforts you can read the article “How to apply for a merchant account”. It will help you to comprehend how the entire process looks like and how to speed it up.

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